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  • Do you own a home that you are struggling to keep up with the maintenance?
  • Is it a struggle to keep up with your monthly mortgage payment?
  • Have you inherited a home that you do not want to keep?
  • Are you possibly facing foreclosure in Pensacola, Florida?
  • Has your life taken a different direction to where you are considering the sale of your home or investment property?
  • Pensacola Short sale (avoid foreclosure) at no cost!
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  • Jack Lara was recommended by a friend. He helped guide me through the process of selling my brother’s house after he passed. I was in another state and Jack walked me through the entire process. He was a knight in shining armor when he investigated an incident for me. Oh! He also got me an offer the first day the house was on the market. We were closed in barely over a month and could not be happier. Thank you, Jack!!" lizdebarr, 15 Hillbrook Way, Pensacola, FL 32503
I can offer you numerous alternative methods to sell your home. How? Years of experience has allowed me to build a network of ready, willing, and able buyers. And I have 10+ years of experience with short sales which has made me a go to agent to help those wanting to avoid foreclosure. I will share with you what the real estate market is currently doing and how it will affect your ability to sell.

I will provide you with 3 different values that your home could be priced at. Please do not let this overwhelm you. I want you to have this vital information so that you can be fully informed to make the best decision for your situation.

You see there are investors/wholesalers that could be a solution for you but you could end up leaving money on the table. The investor/wholesaler is obligated to themselves and Not YOU!

I am a Florida licensed real estate agent and I am bound by law to fully disclose my knowledge/insight about the Pensacola Florida real estate market. I am a Realtor and I am bound by the National Association of Realtors and our code of ethics. Most importantly, I am bound by my upbringing and service to do what is best for you and your outcome, not mine. In this moment all I ask for is an opportunity to discuss the 3 different values of your home with you.

The 1st value is the Rolls Royce Value. This is where a home is remodeled or heavily renovated. This usually involves a landscape package. And typically involves putting a home into an acceptable insurable condition (insurance companies determine the outcome of a sale) and this could mean a new roof, new water heater, new heating/cooling system, etc.

The 2nd value is what I call the Everyday Sedan. This may involve a light renovation such as painting, updating the flooring, new kitchen appliances or replacing outdated fixtures. However, keep in mind that insurance companies play a role here too. If the insurance company deems the roof too old, therefore making the house uninsurable, the buyer is then unable to obtain a mortgage.

The 3rd value is the Car in the Barn. Perhaps the car does not run or has rust throughout. Perhaps you just don't need the car anymore and you do not want to hassle with getting it in showroom or running condition. There is potential to make this home reach its zenith in value, but, it will take expert vision, money and work...and all with no guarantee of reaching that zenith. This is where my cash buyers reside and I have access to them and I promise you they are not wholesalers! These investors pay all the closing costs and the commission! Meanwhile the investor/wholesaler has learned to "buy" without using their own money...$$$. The secret is they are not really buying. They have a contract on your property and the contract has an "assignment clause" and they will shop the contract to another investor. The investor/wholesaler will get paid an "assignment fee" by the other investor and this could be a fee of a thousand dollars or tens of thousand dollars. You could be leaving a ton of your money on the table and you don't want that surprise!

Lets talk, connect with me here. Find out which option works for you.

  • "Jack Lara knows the market better than most Realtors. He can help you with complicated transactions that many agents would shy away from. He had to do an extensive amount of work to get my duplex to closing (beyond the call of duty). He earned every penny of his commission! I held a real-estate license at one time so I know a little bit about how to judge the knowledge and effectiveness of a Realtor. I highly recommend Jack for ANY real-estate transaction." John B.

Short Sale to Avoid Foreclosure

Short Sale Information

  • What is a Short Sale? When the amount owed to the bank is more than what the house will sell for. This causes a shortage amount. This leaves a remaining balance owed to the bank. The investor/bank has to agree to take less than the entire balance of the loan.
  • You sell Your home in "as is" condition. You make no repairs.
  • You do not pay any closing costs!
  • You do not pay any commission.
If you are struggling making ends meet please call me. Is every month a crisis on how much groceries you can buy, how much you can spend on medicine and you are draining your account(s) or even tapping into your retirement account please seek out help. Lets talk, connect with me here.

  • "Jack continued to keep me up to date during my sell from beginning to finish. He made what can normally be a stressful time go timely and without any unsolvable problems. Whenever any problem came up his knowledge enabled him to handle it in an expedient and professional manner." Linda P., Milton, Florida.

  • "Jack has represented me on the purchase of two homes. He is an expert in the areas of short sales and foreclosures. Jack routinely advises his clients on the status of their sale. I don't worry about things because I know Jack is always on top of where we are and where we need to be." Cathy S., Pensacola, Florida
  • "Jack Lara took what seemed to be an impossible situation and made things work. Jack never once treated me in any way other than with complete respect and professionalism. He is a realtor that will work harder than expected on a short sale to get everything squared away. He is in constant communication with all parties involved and doesn't miss a beat. I would highly recommend Jack Lara to anyone looking to have a successful sale on their home." Betsy, in Pace, Florida.
  • "Jack is the best real estate agent I have ever had the pleasure to work with. He took on a very difficult short sale that most other agents would not even consider and then was diligent and professional. Most importantly, he was successful. When challenges popped up, he overcame them. If I ever do another real estate deal in Pensacola, Jack will certainly be the first person I call. I have worked with many so-called real estate professionals that are more of a liability in getting a transaction complete than an asset. They have to be babysat throughout the deal. I would trust Jack to handle every aspect from start to finish and to have my best interests covered every step of the way." Aaron W.
Short Sale Information

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