House Sales in the 32504 Zip Code
A look at the trend for the past 18 months
Pensacola Florida 32504

5490 Flax Road is on the corner of Langley Avenue near Spanish Trail
$309,000 SOLD for $315,000
In-ground pool Three bedrooms & two bathrooms.
All New: roof, ceilings, insulation, walls, bathrooms, kitchen, copper wiring, slate, flooring, etc.
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6070 Hilltop Road, Pensacola 32504
Sold for $225,000
House with a Pool and beautiful original hardwood flooring. Gorgeous!

If you are a homeowner in Northeast Pensacola with an unwanted home then I have a possible solution for you. My buyers are looking to purchase homes in the 32504 zip code of Pensacola Florida to renovate and bring life back into homes. Bringing new homeowners into Northeast Pensacola. My buyers will pay cash and you do not have to worry about the condition of the home because they will purchase the home in "as is" condition. And my buyers will pay all the closing costs. There are NO selling costs that you need to worry about. Call me at (850) 616-6377 if you want to talk about this with me.

4130 April Road Pensacola 32504

SOLD for $330,000
Renovated home in Northeast Pensacola
4 bedroom 2 bath
2,005 square feet

4511 La Mirage Pensacola 32504

4 bedroom 2 bath
2,117 square feet
Listed for $409,000 SOLD for $415,000
Renovated home off of Spanish Trail

"Jack Lara has been my real estate agent for nearly 20 years. In that time, I have come to know him as a sincere and caring person. He is willing to go to great lengths to look out for my best interests as well as those that I have referred to him. He has helped my family, friends, old time high school friends, neighbors and sometimes even mere acquaintances achieve their goals. Jack has helped me turn a profit on my real estate investments and just as important has advised me what not to purchase. I have lost count of how many times he has helped me. If I had to guess it would be 20 times. And the number of times I have referred him has to be at least several dozen times┬┐. Recently he helped my best friend from high school prepare her condo to sell prior to her passing. The amount of sincere compassion is a rare quality and I look forward to working with Jack again and again along with continuing to refer this good man!" - Vicki Hutto, Scenic Heights

"Jack was absolutely EXCELLENT. We had never worked with a realtor before and he was so patient & kind - always explaining and answering our questions. He was very available and willing to work with us on nights and weekends. Would gladly recommend Jack to any friends and family." - Valerie V. in Pensacola 32504