November 11, 2020 at 6:14pm | Jack Lara
Santa Rosa County Florida Real Estate Report

Here is a look at what the real estate market 🏠 looks like for single family detached homes in Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze and Navarre Florida .  To say we are in a seller's market is a huge understatement.  If you are a buyer entering the market to purchase a home in Santa Rosa County Florida you know the seller has all the leverage.

The existing inventory of available homes is critically low 📉.  Even the rental market has the landlord in a position to raise prices.  Supply and demand....and low interest rates has created anxious buyers waiting on new listings to come up for sale.   If you are seller considering a move but you are worried about finding your next home then you should consider New Construction.  

Shop for new construction and pick your home.  Construction time frame is typically 6 to 7 months.  Put your current house up for sale at about the four month mark.    And of course there will be plenty anxiety to deal with 😎

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