August 26, 2020 at 8:17am | Jack Lara
Here is what is going on with the market in Pensacola Florida (Escambia County)

Check out my market report

9890 Red Rock Road Milton Florida just went under contract.  This property had 3 offers on it.  Digital marketing generated 47,000 reach via Facebook marketing and roughly an hour of viewing time on YouTube in less than 10 days.  

I spoke to the manager at the local American Mortgage Service office and the manager said this is the busiest the company has been in 49 years. They have numerous locations in various states. Contact my local go to person Letha Figueroa at (850) 305-3055.

Just helped out a homeowner that has a home, inherited, and chose to sell it with no hassle.  Solution, I brought a rep with cash buyers to purchase (under contract) the home "as is" and paying the closing costs.  The seller is only paying a small fee of $500.  Closing in 2 weeks!  Northeast Pensacola home.

Regarding "short sales"...yes there are a few of those in our marketplace.  I believe there would be more "short sales" if homeowners knew that they could sell their home "as is", pay no closing costs, and no commission.  So if you are in a situation where the mortgage(s) are more than you can handle, I can help you.  Yes, even if on top of the mortgage(s) you have an IRS lien, a lien against you because of a motorcycle loan, truck loan lien, etc.  You see I have 10 years of experience with short sales and keeping people out of the foreclosure bucket.

Thanks for your time....this is "Your Real Estate Advisor"...and remember to make this a Great Home Selling and Home Buying Day!



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