March 21, 2021 at 10:55am | Jack Lara
How to Sell that Outdated Pensacola House

Have a home that needs some updating?  Still have the 1970's vintage look and you want to sell your house now?  💲💲Money an issue with fixing your house to put it on the market?  

Does your listing real estate agent know about the loan product known as a Renovation Loan.  Marketing your home with a ready made solution for your buyer.  Having an expert loan officer that specializes in renovation loan products is key.  And of course having a Realtor aware of this product is also key.

I can come out to your home for an initial evaluation.  Find out what the 3 different market values are available to you: (1) After Repair Value (2) "As Is" Value (3) Lipstick Value.  Most importantly I can answer your questions/concerns!  Call me at (850) 616-6377 or click Contact and tell me a little about your situation.

Here is the information to my renovation loan officer specialist.  Call Debora Joslyn of University Lending Group, NMLS# 204581, phone (850) 982-4531.

So if you are selling or buying a home in Pensacola Florida then a renovation loan is a tool to fully open up your opportunity to either sell or buy.

Thanks for your time!

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