April 04, 2021 at 10:16am | Jack Lara
Pensacola Florida Cash House Buyer(s)

I have cash buyers...ready and willing to buy your house, investment house, or multi-family property.  THIS IS NOT a WHOLESALE service BUT a True CASH Buyer Service.

Any Condition: 
My Cash Buyer(s) are the actual Investor(s) that will take ownership of your property. This is unlike where many investors are using the Wholesale technique to put a contract on your property and then that investor sells the contract/right to purchase your property for a Fee. And that fee can be in the thousands if not in the tens of thousands of dollars which you are not going be compensated for. So ask yourself this question.

If you, the owner decide to go under contract with an investor that has in the contract (in writing) that the investor can assign the contract to someone else do you think the investor is going to do it for free? No, the investor is going charge a fee known as an Assignment Fee.  That fee is above and beyond the sales price that investor has negotiated with you and you get none of that!  Now ask yourself another question.

What if you could deal directly with the person buying the contract from the investor? Do you think you could get an extra $1,000...$2,000 or $10,000? Do you think you could still close on the sale quickly or in a time frame that fits your requirements? And finally do you think it would still be a cash "as is" purchase? Yes, Yes and Yes....

So then check this out BuyMyHomeGuru.com

I have cash buyer(s) that are looking to invest in Northwest Florida. Specifically looking at all of Escambia County and Santa Rosa County Florida, here on the Gulf Coast of Mexico. In fact if you are in Okaloosa County Florida my cash buyer(s) might be a solution for you.

So attention Pensacola Florida homeowners.  You will get the information needed to decide on whether you want a fast cash sale or take a traditional approach to selling your property.  You will be armed with information as to the different possible 
$$ values your property has.  Go to    BuyMyHouseGuru.com

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