July 08, 2021 at 9:06am | Jack Lara
Pensacola Florida real estate is almost as hot as the Sun!

Multiple offers are the norm.  Some price brackets have average sale prices higher than the average list price.  We are on track to surpass the number of single family detached home sales made in 2020.  This is across the board for Escambia and Santa Rosa County Florida (Pensacola market area).  

 One thing that has not changed when you are the buyer.  You most definitely need a proof of funds statement/letter to present to the seller when making an offer to purchase.  If you are obtaining financing you should insist that you get fully approved by your lender before you begin home shopping.  Why is getting fully approved important?

Most buyers only submit a qualification letter to the seller that does not distinguish the buyer as having income verified, financials verified, and other due diligence a lender will do. Get fully qualified. This means there are no hidden surprises in store for the buyer or the seller.  Peace of Mind!   Imagine if you are the Pensacola Seller and you have received multiple offers and your offer is the only one with a qualification letter that says that the purchase is subject to appraisal value and NOT subject to Your income verification, etc.  Which offer will win...if the seller is smart it will be your offer.


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